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    Why does a (Earthen) Fragarach Dagger V Have only 1% chance to frost when all the other fragarach weapons have 2%

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    Because each normal attack of rogue consists of 2 hits, so their frag's frost chance is halved. Still even with halved frost chance, in the end rogues can still technically have highest frost trigger rate overall due to them having highest attack speed


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      Please file a ticket and provide us the image of your weapon for us to assist and look into your problem.


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        Bump. I'm curious as to the answer this guy was given since clearly they never changed them to be equal which can only mean rogues frag weapons % are supposed to be halved.


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          nubheals already answered the issue, I don't see why a GM couldn't just tell that instead of calling it a "problem".
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            Oh, I know. Clearly though frost was meant to be halved on rogues frag to balance the fact they attack twice as often per round, same with sunder. So why haven't the skills on the perfect frag received the same treatment. Perhaps a dev who is biased towards rogues not making the correct change?