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Frequent wierd disconnection

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  • Frequent wierd disconnection

    Hi people please help me with my problem, I just experience this frequent disconnection 2 days ago when i used hotspot shield as I have a hard tym connecting to the cs server. As my connection goes well without hotspot(can log in without any VPN) this frequent disconnection happen.

    *When im on a dungeon or any events like sengolia when it required my toon to attack soon after 3-5 minutes it will jst pause and get disconnected. The weird part on this is when I try AFK in any town or any spot without any attacking with mobs the connections are stable(2-3 hours) I tried it with 5 alts of mine. i tried my 2 alts and go to any place(field or dungeon) to farm but it keep me disconnected even my ping connection are stable and no time out happen but those alts/chars who r AFK in town are fine still connected, The disconnection occurs when my toon used his skills or attack mobs.I appreciate any help you can sugest guys .

    I already tried updating my flash, checking my Internet speed, prioritizing my browsers

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    i could help you, if you can tell me about your computer. (how much ram, your processor etc) and if youre using wifi with a cheap internet service provider i recommend using a wired connection. and the browser you're using could also be an issue depending on your operating system and system specs. im on the geek squad, so feel free to pm me with your concerns.


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      Hi there sir tnx for the reply, i actualy have good internet speed its just 2 days ago that this anoying disconnection occur. i have no problem with other site and i can stream videos very well wiaverage speed of 500kbps-1.5mbps from speedtest. I used 3 browsers mozilla,torch and chrome. please refer to my specs below

      Processor= Intel Core i3 cpu M 370 @ 2.40 GHz 2.40 ghz
      system type is 64 bit


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        try wired connection (if you arent already) and opera browser. opera works best for me. also try maximizing your computers performance via the performance settings on your computer. perhaps a program that eliminates unnecessary programs from running while youre gaming (iobit game booster) that you can configure the setting manually.


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          hi there thank you for your suggestion here are the things i have done but still this problem exist.. First i try playing on my friends computer as he got a faster and wired connection but still even if i try on other pc im still disconnected.. I try other browser like opera already and still nothing changes, i reinstall the mozilla and install again but still, i know i do have a good connection sure this is a server side problem that keeps me disconnect when i start farming in rv. I have open my 5 chars since the start of quiz until GG and all go smoothly without disconnection cuz im in town, but when i start farming in RV this annoying disconnection occured.. hope people in r2 will not i


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            pm me bro, ill take care o you.


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              the problem is NOT your computer or ANY of your software, how much ram you have, the processor you use, even what browser you have. the issue you are experiencing is with your "hotspot". now i only assume you are talking about an actual hotspot from a mobile device. if this is so, then that is your issue, as a "mobile hotspot" does not stay connected to the "net" 100% of the time. your computer is connected to your device via wifi and your device to the internet via 3g or 4g, through a cell tower, which is NOT a constant connection. just like a smart phone, it has a signal reception, which is ever inconsistent.
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