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  • Stacking VIP

    I have a question about VIP. So for example, I know if your VIP ended, you can, for example, use 10 Ultimate Game Cards and you'll get 8000 crystals and 10 months of VIP without the need to renew it until another 10 months. But, what if I renew my VIP while it's still in the middle. Like, if my VIP ends every 15th of month, what would happen if I renew it in the 9th of the month? My friend did it yesterday and she got the crystals of the stacked VIPs, but she doesn't know if her VIP had reset so it's like every 9th of the month instead of 15th (No, her VIP doesn't end in 15th of month and she renew it in 9th, I'm just giving example), OR once the VIP ends in 15th the new VIP will automatically start? An answer is appreciated because I'd like to try it too ^-^.

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    If you purchase VIP before your current billing cycle is over, then your new VIP will start the day that your current VIP expires.

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