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Town portal scroll bug

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  • Town portal scroll bug

    I had my town portal scroll set in the hot key "S". At times when I try to use the scroll, the game use up other consumables in my inventory instead.
    Eg. Pale eggs/Vadalia pack/Ancient coins.

    The only consumable i had in my hot keys were the portal scroll and potions. I am very sure I had not mistakenly click on else where but I have no idea when or what caused that bug.

    It doesn't happen all the time probably once or twice a day.

    Anyone else having the same issue?

  • #2
    Mostly it's the hotkey conflict.
    Ok, I'm muted, so.... please use sign language.


    • #3
      The problem is that if you sort ur inventory and place an item on the spot where the town portal was, then it uses that item instead.
      Made me waste my our fans rock pack :|


      • #4
        Sorry for the inconvenience, take a screenshot when you encountering this issue again and post it here will be highly helped to resolve this issue.
        Ok, I'm muted, so.... please use sign language.


        • #5
          Alright, I'd do if it happens again although I hope it doesn't.


          • #6
            Its what sebastion said. the hotkey doesn't point to the itemn it points to the position in the inventory when you created the hotkey. if you subsequently move items around in the inventory, eg sort it the HOTkey still points to the old location and when you activate the hotkey it activates whatever the location has currently now.


            • #7
              I usually encounter the problem when sorting my inventory while i cast the town portal scroll.
              Learned not to do that tho :P