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Need info on how grind good xp.

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  • Need info on how grind good xp.

    anyone know afk grind and get good xp? sorta sick atm sitting in 58+ doing every daily i can get my hands on for xp i got tons x2 xp banked right now but when i afk grind mob that are 4 levels higher then me. max xp ill get is about 594 xp per mob to me isnt much to be even afking at all..

    a little advice From all The 2nd RB char would be nice on how afk grind for good xp, thanks to anyone who responds

    also if anyone knows of a game with a great quest line leave your comments below. im big big fan of quest .
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    go to lavaguards o.o/) in the altar of sacrifice. It is a map after Sanguine valley and that is the best place for you at the moment.


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      Mobs at +3 levels from you is the best, but density of mobs is also important. If you kill fast (as in, you can clear 1 screen and have to wait a while for the respawn) then you can get away with grinding in Void Encampment, just below the town. If you are a little bit slow with clearing a screen, then stick with the Lavaguards and Alter Priests in Alter of Sacrifice (the lower exp rate is made up by not walking far to the next target).

      To make the most of your exp gains, get a blessing for +25% exp, and always use 2x exp or 3x exp tokens. VIP for the double exp is a good investment, if you're able to get it.
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        I find that from say 40-45 50-55 60-65 and so on, best place (if u not worried about money and drops) is tame areas, the spawns are nearly instant, and u can kill like 3-4x as fast as u can outside, even faster then lavaguards, yes u dont get torches or drops, but the fact that once u get frost going it can create a chain and u can down 40-50mobs in 10seconds, because they respawn instantly back and fall right back into frost, pretty awesome exp.


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          If you want an entire list damn..that's going to be hard
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          Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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            not worryed about money make plenty threw dung runs.. for me i feel like x2 xp alone isnt enough for me just afk all night 1 afk x2 token barly got me 1% for hole hr doing 580 xp. i took memory advice and got blessing of peace 5 for the 25% xp pluse the x2 token just getting 665 xp per mob 4 level higher then me. to my thought it should be 1000 xp + at levels im at with x2 xp... but in my case to me it aint worth leave my pc on all night afking for 1% for 1 hole hr


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              My favorite place to grind is NOT in my level+3.

              Nope, it's around the lvl30-40 because I can kill them fast enough to keep getting torches ^^. So if it's an area with a lot of nested monsters and they respawn fast, it leads to torches. More torches than if I were trying to fight my level+3.
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       by Alexmancer (grinding mostly)
       by PosionStarglade (torches)
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                  Well im currently at 67 scion grinding afk with vip and 2x exp in tame area, i make about 12-15% per hr. At 700 exp per mob, its not how high the exp is, its how fast u kill mobs to get it, and tame areas offer unlimited instant respawn mobs=unlimited instant respawn exp. Try it, u will like it.