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    Guys this is not a vote, its a suggestion

    that we hope our next merge with s61 or some older server, i need more actions.

    in our server simply we have (80%low level ppl+(alts)) - (19% mid term strong "not interested in playing or pvp") - (1% super OP players cashiers legally or illegally we don't care they are just OP)

    so merging with old server can bring us more OP players to clash with our 1% OP players
    more mid term strong players to interact with us

    and low level and alts and bots are not interested in the game 3 or 5 months and they quit.

    merging with new server

    the 1% OP players will stay there ,

    our mid strong players are stronger than their OP players . so they will quit

    and more bots more alts more low level characters

    the result will be more lag and less interest
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