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Legendary(orange) PvE equipment

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  • Legendary(orange) PvE equipment

    Every now and then and with new dungeons being released new equip come to play! I'm good with that just my only concern is that i worked too hard to make some orange equip and with the low chances of success ( rate 25%) and being so hard to get Enhanced skill dust(ESD) what i've made becomes just a waste! Plz make us an option to upgrade our current orange equip(for example Legendary phantom purgatory ring) to the higher one (legendary evil beast nightshade ring)with less ESD needed for a try or if possible none. For example make it need : Epic evil beast nightshade ringx1 + Legendary phantom purgatory ring + 1 ESD (25% success rate) = legendary evil beast nightshade ring

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    I agree, so much work and now i can basically toss that gear in the trash once i get new set casue its so much stronger. I would at least like it to be like, 25% success rate (dont lose old item) but costs like 5-6ESD per try. So that it still is work to get the esd, but i dont gotta waste all the time and money i did on the first set.


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      The ironic part is that other versions of cs has this legendary equip upgrading system.
      Stalkers OP.

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        yes,all version expect R2's actually does stuff that helps there players upgrade gear, even the chinese version where SUPPOSABLY as r2 said many times, they cant change the code without the chinese doing it, but they have changed it so that they can milk every penny outta us, im quite sure the chinese version of the code didnt come like this, this is the way they changed it


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          While I would disagree with basically free upgrades, I will agree that is you go to the trouble of making orange gear you should be able to upgrade it cheaper than making a new set.


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            you should know by now that it's just like an ultimate ** that they can't change code or whatever.... the proof is on the wings and sperions, the stats are different , it's been altered by r2games, and surely there are other things that has been changed.