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Guiding Light S1 Krishna

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  • Guiding Light S1 Krishna

    My most successful thread...!!!!!!!!

    Wanna Kill High BR players..!!!!!!!!

    Hay guyz i am Krishna playing in server S1 nocturna tears... whatever it spells.... My char is level 61 and i got hell of experience of this game... In my post u guyz will find out lots of valuable tips and tricks to get strong and kick the hell out of high BR players... There is no such thing as miracle in this game, all u have to do is play smart....

    Here is the proof of what i am tring to convay.. Yes u can defeat players having BR higher than u... This is a match between me and Zaman... This guy has a 10K more BR than me... And trust me after 180k BR every single BR counts...

    So Wanna kick *** of high BR players... here's the thing u should follow...
    1.The most important thing is "Do not waste Your precious GOLD"
    I saw many people waste there gold in enhancement which in return doesn't give u much stats. Instead go for high level gems and save that gold to get level 61 topez heroes or rube heroes... Let me tell u a shocking news, "1 RUBY HERO = 100M" +- depending upon ur luck. This is disappointing for people having level 60 character but comes handy for level 55 guyz... I myself started collecting gold at 55 and got 120m till i reach 61...

    2. "Unlock as many sockets as possible"
    Instead of using 3 level 5 gems use 5 level 4 gems, this will give u better stats ... use ur vouchers to get those socket rods and try to unlock as many sockets as possible. Check what gems u are using... Example, using HP gems for ur attacker and using ATK gem for ur defender is pointless... Initially it is hard to get high level gems so use it depending on the need of your heroes... For attacker use high ATk, for Tanker use high HP and for buffer use High agi gems... Rest of the gems can be of less level.

    3. Angel
    Your every single match depend on angel. The stronger the angel the better the chance of winning. However i am 100% sure that u misunderstood me. I didn't mean that u have to level your angel to max to get her strong... My level 55 Boa has more AGI and better HIT and critical then few high BR players around me.
    The key is zodiac... Try to clear as many zodiac as possible and get the additional stats from it. I cleared till virgo and maxed out all to 10 till i reach leavel 3 each. Instead of wasting your angel tears in bring ur main angel to max, use those tears to raise your guardian angels..

    4. Angel of Death set.
    You definitely have to spend some diamonds man.

    5. Emblem
    Get that rage emblem to make ur first hit count.. Makes a hell of a difference.

    6 Heroes.
    Select your heroes wisely. If u are a mage then try to get more attacker and if u are a knight then try to get more defenders. I am playing with 2 attacker 1 defender/tanker and 1 negative buffer hero name as exorsist...

    Again don't try to max it out or your other heroes will remain untrained. Try to keep balance in everything u do in the game.

    8. Wanna do multiple kills in CSB(cross server battle)....
    Keep your main hero on AGI and try to attack low HP players in csb and you can easily reach to domination...

    9.Keep track of hot event
    Many times there is a limit of 50 upgrades of angels in hot event and u get extra tears for completing it. Dont waste all your tears and save it for the next day to max your reward.

    This is the video of opponent having level 55 angel and still my angel hit 1st ... got high AGI,...

    Note: let me know if the video link is working or not, else i will put another video for you guyz... and Leave the comment if u like it ... I will post more...
    Last edited by Kitwritten; 03-21-2014, 09:12 AM.

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    Lol. You destroyed someone 10k br above you? Im the same level as you but shred through people with at most 120k more br......And you thought your victory was amazing....
    Orixy-Berserker-Server 54
    News: Valkryie Get! Upgraded Guardian Angel 10 levels in 1 day. Got 2nd in daily rankings for Ranking Points (Card Points), 6th overall I think.


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      Originally posted by Drakethefirst View Post
      Lol. You destroyed someone 10k br above you? Im the same level as you but shred through people with at most 120k more br......And you thought your victory was amazing....
      This guide was written long time ago. Nigh on a year soon.
      League of Angels
      S96 Alanna
      Beserker lvl 71
      Fortuna lvl 85
      Sterling Moonbeam
      Night Sentinel (Backup)/Beserker Claw/Neredia/Astral Hunter/Valkyrie
      850k BR+
      Guild: Legendary
      Blood and Jade
      S66 Shanrou lvl 66
      War Urso 7*
      45k BR+
      Guild: Eternal


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        thank you for the guide shanrou!!