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World boss bug

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  • World boss bug

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    server s225 shadow downs

    cant attack world boss

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    You will need to be alot more clearer than, "Cant attack world boss"

    Tell me how your world boss unfolded for the night, i can see your 44 minutes into the event, Battle log says Fafnir was killed, i can see atleast 1000 attacks done, can you give me some more information.

    Also was it just you that had this problem on your server? Did anyone else have this trouble?

    Also i can still see other players running towards the boss.
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    ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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      its happened to me a couple times, refreshing helps


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        Originally posted by R2104380313 View Post

        server s225 shadow downs

        cant attack world boss
        i know what happened to you. its a glitch that happens when you attack an already slain boss but its still appearin on yer screen due to lag on yer side. what you should do is exit from WB screen and come back in.
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