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Sorcerer lvl 70 skill bug

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  • Sorcerer lvl 70 skill bug

    Sorserers have same res. skills like other chars. but still warrior skills res is 3850, and sorserers are 3090 on max upgrade.
    Way? Is thet bug? Cose look like thet!
    Hope you fixt thet ty

  • #2
    It has to do with Main character level, as the skill is "Growth" per level.

    ( just in case you missed them the first time )


    • #3
      Well I know thet all is the same even ni skil list is +50 in bouth char but sorcers in the end have lover res. My char is 77 like the moust in my server (U25)
      and in all sorcers is the same and we are all the same lvl. :/ Maybe my char is not strong like fore exm. paladin in skils?