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Annoying cs stuff

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  • Annoying cs stuff

    this is a rant yes
    Message: if your not gona participate dont ***** join cs, had 1 low lev that actually tried to help. 2 hit once at begening and decided to quit, unfortunatley for me i supose my teamates didnt know that in cs u might die a couple of times
    6 ppl only on team still we had a chance at win if i simply had some ppl on mines, simply unfair for ppl that end up in this situation
    Click image for larger version

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    secondly ppl using bots and auto colloect on cs
    Click image for larger version

Name:	m.png
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ID:	1763861
    as u can see in this pic from where he stands its imposible to reach the mine but he mines everytime first from that position, seen someone mining from home base b4
    give it a rest ur alredy good enough to kill everone on opp team do u need to use this **** just to **** ppl off?
    -able to mine first no matter where or in wht position ur in(dont really know what hes using but its not the first time seeing this)
    theres a reason why the game put in a cd after u kill someone it was so ppl get to play cs to the max not for dipshts like u to use bots/hacks to overcome games natural features.

    and thirdly have said this b4 too the battle logs are bugged
    fights are messed up all over, its getting really annoying
    i have 20k dodge
    somehow ppl with 11k hit still kill me turn log off and not 1 time did i get hit.
    i have 17.5k hit for some reason i did 0 dmg against someone with 16k dodge, no healers, no pisces, and imposible to regain the hp from simply wepn since i do high dmg and opponent wasnt buffed rather had half his hp bar wiped out.
    unexplainable stuff no matter how u look at it
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    what to say. most of that was allready posted on forum, CS is buged ,and sometime you die even if no one is near you, or -in your case- someone mine form far, most likely one of bugs
    i was posted few times about afk players that ruin CS game, but seems no one care
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      you'ld think they would atleast bother about the guys using auto collect in cs after their huge no cheating message
      just brush it off as lag, whats the point in asking us to report suspicious ppl...
      just about everyone thats faced this player(dont know what name is-chiniese charchters) and others that use bots/hacks has had the same thing happen to them somehow its lag for everyone right or rather its just not enough proof even though tons of ppl have reported this b4 me.