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update 08-01-2015

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  • update 08-01-2015

    server 229
    name :excalibur

    i was doing my tarot when your update stopped my game and forced me to update i lost my turn and after 30 minutes i tried my last run at tarot and again it stopped my run in middle of attempt i lost 2 runs and got nothing for it since both time it was in the third "map" why did you set it up like that why no warning i cant wait till im outside youre update time since im playing from south africa and i got to do my stuff during my afternoon your day time couldn't you make the update that it would force you to update at least between maps then you loose nothing I pay to play so stuff like this ticks me off since exchange rate is like 13:1 from here . I was really highly disapointed that it happened twice
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    True, updates appear all of a sudden and nothing we can do about that.
    Some people had inferno/team-dungeon/tarot loses, but we can't compensate for it.

    It's the first hour, of the first day
    It's hard without you, I cannot lie
    You were everything, and could have been
    It's the first summer, of the first year
    Today only rain, knocks on my window
    And it reminds me, how much I loved you.

    I fail to emerge
    It's a universe, that wants me to get off
    Fear catches me, and I start calling you.

    It's the first night, when I feel cold
    Your arms can no longer warm me
    A cold soul, I cannot love.