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Nirvana Level

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  • Nirvana Level

    So does anyone know how to increase your nirvana level in Spring Carnival? I know that the level for points rewards is determined by how many dumplings and spring rolls you have collected, but I am talking about the level that fills with blue exp across the top. It is there in similar events as well, but I don't know how to get more exp for those rewards.
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    1. Click Nirvana and you can see this panel. There is point recording on the top of the panel, which records the points all players have got in your server during the event. Click Point Rewards button to collect Personal point rewards.

    Look for the Spring Carnival thread for LoA.


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      Ah so the bar is for total server points then.
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        Originally posted by Hanstarkiller View Post
        Ah so the bar is for total server points then.
        Yes .

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