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Gem Maniac not working properly

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  • Gem Maniac not working properly

    The description for Gem maniac says recharge 9999 diamonds and swap 1 lvl 9 PATK + Crit gem + 60 magic rods with 2 lvl 9 PATK + Crit gems
    attempting to do so says lvl 9 PATK gem insufficient - hovering over the swap button says 2 required

    same problem with lvl 8 MATK + Crit Gem

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    I used to think your support system was pretty bad until you updated it now it's worse than useless - I've seen firewalls more customer friendly - you no longer get a ticket number it says it will email you and doesn't - what do you need to do to get some attention?

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    tried emailing support directly and no reaction from there either


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      Yes, you need 2 lvl 9 patk to exchange for 1 lvl 9 patk+crit gem. Meaning you will be losing 2 Patk gems and getting 1 lvl 9 patk gem +60 Magic socketing rod.

      Samething with matk gems just 1 level lower and 40 magic socket rods lesser.

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        nvm me being an idiot as usual