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Time Travel point rewards bugged

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  • Time Travel point rewards bugged

    In time travel you get 1 point for each primary time piece and 2 point for ancient time piece

    i have 142 primary and 10 ancient= 162 points
    but at point rewards it shows only 160 points

    on my second account i have 149 primary and 11 ancient = 171 points
    but at point rewards is shows only 145 points

    my girlfriend has the same on her 2 acc and i have ask other players also and they have the same

    Click image for larger version

Name:	timetravelmain1.jpg
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Name:	timetravelmain2.jpg
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ID:	1775873

    below my second account

    Click image for larger version

Name:	timetravel1.jpg
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Name:	timetravel2.jpg
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    Simply, you maybe gained ancient before this event in gemo, day before same like me :l
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      Indeed, time pieces were a reward for 5k - 50k reward for gemology 1 day prior to the time travel event.

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        we dont have Time Platform III in hot events ...
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