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SS Tycoon Skill book zero points bug

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  • SS Tycoon Skill book zero points bug

    SS Tycoon was bugged earlier in the day - showing Chinese version of SS tycoon to start with, they fixed the bug but if we used skill book attempts before they fixed they are now wasted - that is 9k+ lost tycoon points on day 1!!!

    No doubt it will be well after event ends before they address this issue - and too late for tycoon - and then they will only say sorry looking into it a dev will get back to you shortly... and then nothing until we get the - your issue is now closed due to no activity in X days so we assume it has magically fixed itself??

    cost 9000 vouchers should have given 8 to 10k tycoon points for investment- and a badly implemented update/fix all those of us who played before the fix miss out with no mention of compensation for their error....

    getting those 9k vouchers back wont be enough - need the tycoon points today and not 3 months later after event has finished!!

    Sorry if i sound bitter but so far raising tickets normally gets a positive response - yes - our fault will fix - will hand your issue on to a dev to correct - then silence and then issue closed.... happens over and over - and replying to reopen the issue just extends the silence before they close it again after x weeks have passed again.
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    I too had same problem, they changed Tycoon after reset and points for grotto hearts, element scrolls, and Skill books that were acquired before change did not count. I submitted ticket, no response.
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      Well, I hope we all learned our lesson about R2. Their support team RARELY gets things/problems fixed. Better play as a noncasher, then your problems would be significantly lessened.


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        There is an annoucement ingame since a few hours telling there are looking to this problem. I also got 30-35k point missing from it :S.


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          I will report it. Tickets take a day or two for a response. Stay patient.
          to file a ticket


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            This is something that R2 support as well as the devs have to take note of, to fix the problem ASAP and give back what is due to the players affected, which unfortunately, rarely happens. Coz I notice FREQUENTLY when problems are requiring the input of the devs, the tickets don't get any good response at all, worse, they sometimes don't get responded on. Which is it, R2 sucks at communicating with the devs or the devs themselves suck? Or perhaps both of them are just too lazy.
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              yes like the elemental rewards that some got to collect whilst others missed out on last server merge - massive advantage for some who got to collect - even got an email saying we could keep those rewards which was great for those who got to collect not so great for those who earned them but did not collect straight away!

              They simply keep closing the cases they cant be stuffed fixing - I also have another one that I have to keep opening since late last year!! After being told that they agreed and would refund close to 10k diamonds I had saved!! A bug took them, they have not yet returned!

              Greetings Champion ShadowBlayd,
              As our Support Elves haven't heard back from you in over two weeks we are going to assume your problem has either resolved itself, or you've found a solution on your own. As a result we will be changing the status of this ticket from Pending to Resolved. If this isn't the case, and you've simply been busy either in the real world or slaying hordes of demons in one of our games, don't worry there is a simple solution. You can re-open this case at any point during the next two weeks simply by replying to this e-mail, and our Support Elves will get back to work helping to solve your issue.
              Happy Gaming,
              The R2 Games Support Elves
              Case Notification for #528426
              Elemental wander achievement rewards
              Status: Resolved    Priority: 1    Group: General    Agent: R2 Fred
              	ShadowBlayd	25 May 16
              no this is not resolved as I said last time.
              	ShadowBlayd	10 May 16
              This issue has not been resolved - I still did not get a chance to collect
              the rewards after merge like everyone else did - even still have the PM (
              message in game) stating that we would be able to keep the rewards - so
              most people got them I did not!
              This makes for a massive in game imbalance - totally unfair.
              please rectify.
              	ShadowBlayd	24 Apr 16
              others on my server got to keep the rewards - and your in game mail even
              said that it was decided we could keep - so why was i not allowed to
              collect earned rewards when others were allowed to?
              massively unfair - I do not care about tycoon points it makes sense to not
              allow those as would not be fair to servers not merged - but to allow some
              people on the server to keep 3.7k diamonds, 13k elemental scrolls and 535
              essence but not others is a massive game changer and an imbalance that is
              not fair!
              please request this to be fixed for those of us who were prevented from
              collecting whilst others were allowed to keep!!
              	R2 Fred	22 Apr 16
              Thank you for submitting your concern about this lost/missing items. We are very very sorry for the Server Merged that happened last maintenance. We know that you must be feeling angry and hurt at the things that we did .
              However, we will forward this to our developers to look and investigate or give a compensation for what you lost. All we need is your patience and understanding about this matter. Thank you, good day and have a nice wonderful day.
              After reporting this to our developers about the matter, we have decided to accept fault of what happened. I regret any frustration that you were caused and personally extend my our apologies.
              It is our goal to retain you as a loyal player and we hope that in the future you will be able to use our services at R2Games without any problems.
              If you have any other question and concern, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you to the best of our ability. And please don’t forget to rate my reply if this helpful to you loyal players.
              Your sincerely,
              -The R2Games Team
              	ShadowBlayd	22 Apr 16
              After server merge the achievements rewards are reset - I re-did the achievements but had not collected the rewards yet. They are now set to collected again!!!
              That is; 
              3700 diamonds
              13000 elemental scrolls
              535 elemental essence
              everyone else was able to collect there again and gain huge points in tycoon - please reset mine to not collected else this is a massive unfair advantage given to all others but myself!!
              this also has a massive impact on being able to complete the consume event rewards during tycoon as well - please fix today!! ( long time player - I should not miss out on what all others on my server got after merge!!)
              kind regards
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              IGN ShadowKnyght
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