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Gem combo bug

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  • Gem combo bug

    xXSPAWNXx s253 city of runes. .It seems both my mages have a gem combo bug, All gems on both mage chars have lvl 12 - 14 gems socketed yet the combo icon in the middle says socket all lvl 3 inactive. I spoke to a G M on our server who has filed a ticket and asked me to post pics here of the issue.
    Last edited by AzaelSorath; 08-19-2020, 08:15 AM.

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    Hello Azael. Your issue has been forwarded and reported already, since yesterday. Will come with updates or a resolution for your problem, as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you may try some of the suggestions I forwarded in the thread you opened in Game Discussion. No one except you can file a ticket to support, the mentor who you spoke too could only file a report on your behalf. To file a ticket, please follow the instructions I already forwarded for you in the other thread you opened (link to support: ).
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