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  • tidal pool

    Hi guys,

    today I cannot fish.... I can see I have 1 attempt, but when I open the pool, the tank is empty...
    which is really annoying during tycoon events.

    And another thing: quiz angel!
    the question : how old is the universe supposed to be?
    had a wrong answer as the correct one!
    the right answer is 13.8 billion years, the quiz accepted 200 millions... I lost 2 combos over this.
    please correct the answer for next time,
    tnx and kind regards

    Sikelia, S61 doomstone Forest

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    did you refresh your browser?

    and the angel quiz question came up before, if you looked carefully what you think reads 13.8 billion years, actually reads 13.8 TRILLION years..... so if you clicked that it was wrong.

    don't know where they came up with 200 million years though

    Five Easy Stats

    How old is the universe? What is it made of? For the first time, scientists have clarity.

    13.7 billion years: Age of the universe
    200 million years: Interval betwen the Big Bang and the appearance of the first stars
    4%: Proportion of the universe that is ordinary matter
    23%: Proportion that is dark matter
    73%: Proportion that is dark energy

    that information is directly from NASA info please site
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    it's all failing faster than I can lower my standards


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      I can't help but wonder if they are trolling us because the same question in Erebus has 13.8 billion years as an answer.
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      [S75] Secret Sanctum - Hunter - Lv38
      League of Angels
      [s147/ua25] Thane of Winter Sorceror - Lv79
      Eternal Saga - Ranger - Retired
      Lunaria Story - Elementalist - Pretty much retired

      That being said character names in games I play is Solariai


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        today i can't fish at will stop loading during 100%..and will not open


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          Also in raiders, it will stop loading when i'm beginning to raid.