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Enslave in garden

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  • Enslave in garden

    Name: Val69
    Server: ud11

    a guy name Apostol always steal in my garden!!! i already block that jerk but somehow still back steal.. i dont like this thing can DV delete that "Enslave" thing in garden, does DV want us steal each other, i dont want see that steal back to my garden, can DV do something!?

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    Blocking people doesn't prevent them from being able to enslave you. If you can't beat him in a fight, you can ask for help from someone stronger, you can also ask a stronger friend to enslave you for a while so that he can't.
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      Enslave is not good, does steal from other garden can get many.. i think just small amount, i also wonder why DV make those thing.. with that thing ppl will not like each other coz strong steal from week.. is like make hate each other coz by that thing.. better DV change that "enslave" thing in garden.. but feel wasted say in this coz DV dont care about we think or opinion..