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  • Some suggestions =D

    Hi there ^-^..well,i'm not happy with some features...for example,all of us know the vip wheel sucks...I spend over 100 tokens and the better i got was a lvl 3 potion (i'm new here,server 34,lvl 32). That need a better chance to get something good,all of us just win some seed >.>. The market makes me cry,a gem for 900 balens...Are all crazy? Kmon,some lvl 3 scroll 215 balens...We need some item for gold too (and better prices). The shop need more items,i see only some gem and runes,gem scrolls and 5 or 6 more items... And maybe will be a good idea if each week wehave a recharge event. I mean,idk,1 day at week,or each 2 weeks we have a extra bonus for recharge. Example: 2 days event recharge. Each 1 USD we recharge,we got..i don't know,2k gold,1k deru and 200 kyanite..Or 1 insignia,or 1 crypt token,the reward you want. And a extra reward for the complexive recharge in the 2 days. Example: If in that 2 days you recharge 1 usd --- 14.99 usd,you got 5 crypt token and 5 insignias. 15 usd--34.99 usd you got 10 insignias,10 crypt tokens and 5 crypt keys. 35 usd-79.99 usd you got 20 crypt tokens,20 insignias,10 crypt keys and something else.... And the vip is really bad,basically,the players pay the vip only for the 50% exp,coz is the only benefit the vip gives. vip quest give..idk...5 vip tokens? and what else? The players can pay the vip,but they want something more for thay money. The description said "Special vip quests offering amazing rewards",and that it's a big lie...Just change that for " 1 or 2 vip quest with really cheapest rewards". Vip weekly gift pack...well,at lvl 2 the reward is 6 lvl 3 lucky stones,3 skeleton keys and 10 vip tokens. We need to pay the vip and wait 1 week for that? Oh,kmon >.>

    PD: Sorry for my english,i'm not a englishepeaker >.>