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Wartune developers know exactly what they are doing

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    [QUOTE=Jediay;1163567]I completely agree with everything you said. But I am referring to their sales and marketing strategy, not their ignorance. None of us know how many people across every server actually cashes for a specific event. This is data that they have access to that we do not.[/QUOTE

    The few we have access are pretty bad
    I'm talking about the event of group buy, if x person buy it you have a promotion and chance to get it for free
    On my server for this kind of even i remember the box one require 10 player to buy the 100 box, the 2 time they made the event, first time 0 buy it, second time 2 buy it
    Other things was just not buy at all or only buy 1

    I wonder also if it's by buy or by player
    Like if someone buy 2 time the pack it count twice or not... in this case it's even worst cause the only 2 buy could be from the same person

    Based on this event who seems nicer than lot of they does, see 3 person doing it on our server (merged with 5 other servers and kinda active) i can't even imagine for other event, ok it's based on speculation and stats but it's pretty worst ^^

    Trust me, if they are wrong on these event, they "could" do wrong on the other too, and as a lot are worst, i think they are also wrong there