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Administrators: Reasoning/example of why your job depends on quality of expansions

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  • Administrators: Reasoning/example of why your job depends on quality of expansions

    I've been planning to post this when a patch is being implemented so I could provide a direct example of how those of us who pay to play this game are really not the ones who should be most worried about communicating the importance of ensuring that additional patches/events are properly programmed before implementation.

    As of this time, maintenance is occuring. I have no idea at this point what the Guild Beast (Braves' Battle) entails other than what was posted in Guide Guild Beast Brave's Battle.

    Here's the idea: Based on the initial information provided in the thread above, the mechanics of the costs and rewards for this event appear to be broken...if I'm wrong, then why does the post indicate that it will be?

    The guide says that the rewards of this event will entail only Golden Holy Water, Crystal Shards, and the possibility of a title. There are just a few ENORMOUS problems if that is the case. If it is - you need to use your influence in any way to circulate these ideas. If this is not the case, you need to think about your own job performance in providing accurate customer service.

    Either way, something's wrong. Let me spell it out for you.

    If there is no gold provided as a reward for everyone who participates, it will discourage all those who don't have Spirit Covenant from participating - especially those who are low level and can't survive long or afford the constant gold to resupply hp and troops.

    And if troops are expended as well, that will only lead to more gold necessary by either using them and having to buy more, or not using them and dying more quickly (thus needing more gold either way for those without Spirit Covenant). For those who are higher levels and have expensive troops that provide minimal enhancement to damage/survivability, you may discourage us from participating as well - especially if there is a quick inevitable "big AoE that kills you no and your troops matter what" attack. That forces those of us with level 70 troops to either use them and spend lots of gold replenishing, or to not use them and thereby hurt the guild and our rankings.

    Having to replenish hp/troops will discourage both higher and lower levels from participating...ESPECIALLY the most powerful players who have no use for resistance crystals shards anyway until higher levels of resistance crystals/more shields are added. Why would the most powerful players bother if there aren't significant rewards that we all can use, like Guild Battle provides?

    So really, entire guilds will be hurt by fewer people participating - which means that because the battle will take longer with fewer participants - that there will be a spiral effect where even more players will choose not to bother because the rewards will be decreased...and so on and so on. Divine Altar is already pointless enough for most this going to implode due to poor mechanics resulting in fewer participants decreasing rewards decreasing participants decreasing rewards Divine Altar does?

    Please tell me this is not the case - that it is like World Boss or at least Guild Battle in these respects. Make the rewards significant enough to encourage players of all levels and strengths to participate, thereby increasing the likelihood of the event being utilized and prioritized exponentially. If you do penalize us with replenishing hp/gold - justify the lost gold on hp/troops or provide rewards that weaker players will benefit from. And if you don't provide more rewards than what you listed above, the most powerful players will likely also be discouraged from participating regardless of hp/troop replenishment cost.

    The above conditions mean that one of these options is true:

    A. Guild Beast will be a product of reason and mathematically sensible mechanics that will enhance the game's social interdependence for mutual benefit.

    B. Guild Beast will inevitably implode on itself because the developers didn't bother to focus on the calculation of the mechanics, and simply rushed to implement a falsely alluring waste of a guildwide-related event.

    This is just one example of how some department in the production/service of this game is not doing their job. *

    If A is true, you need to do a better job of informing your customer base.

    If B is true, you need to do your job and relay this feedback to the appropriate parties.

    So which is it? Is our money paying the developing to spend their time and effort creating new expansions that enhance the game? You can bet that your player base/income will definitely be affected in one way or another based on the MORALE FOR FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS REGARDING OUR MONEY AND TIME.

    Or are you providing us with bad information and making it seem like we are to expect that the event will be broken?

    I would only assume that you administrators are hired because you're rational enough to determine the answer to this - and that the developers are hired because they are competent enough to not waste their time and our money creating and implementing a broken event.

    Well, one or the other is not doing their job. Am I to continue to pay you to provide a product/service that would make an incalculable exponential greater amount of income if you read and adhered to this post vs. the balens I have purchased?

    Take a guess at how your job stability is affected. The additions and expansions to your product are what really indicate if I should continue to make investments in a game that I can expect will be worth it...

    ...or that I should expect to be effectively ripped off. Do you think that I'm going to continue doing business with you if the forecast shows that we should swap shoes? There are a limited amount of junkies who will continue paying your salary, but only for so long.

    For now, I put food on your table...I would think that would be reason enough to use whatever influence you have in association with this game to relay these ideas - the importance of focusing on expansions and additions - to whomever is associated with/responsible for making sure that you won't be needing a new job anytime soon.

    After all, this post is free of charge. If it's ignored, I'll re-format and post it so that it hopefully is acknowledged by the administrators/developers/etc. who can forward the message. We both would like it to be circulated amongst your employers and all this game's affiliates.

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    Best of luck,talk of chasing the wind
    Mad love for my crew

    The golden rule in wartune
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      Bump, waiting for a response before taking further measures to elicit one.


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        "further measures?" you are nobody, just like the rest of us. they don't care. they will do what they want, and plenty of idiots will keep spending, regardless of how illogical the rewards of the flavor of the week are