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  • Chat Mute in GUILD Authority

    Ellow, I'm from server 1 and 40 ,VIP user , Nakzz ,Guild Master of Darkreaper Guild (Both Server) .

    Recently ,there are people who are spamming 2 much and cursing others in the guild.One day 2 Guildies were fighting and cursing bout country and blah blah blah.So we (me and G. officers) warn them that we will remove them if they don't stop.But they knew that very well that we need their Medium BR (14K,11K) to rank up in Guild Strength Rank.So they didn't stop.So i was thinking if there was an option,so Guild Master or Assistants or Guild Officers could banned them for sometime from talking which can u say MUTE the char from talking in guild.So that way they can't flame and spam around.Look into it.And i guess ill get some replies from experienced players so that we can improve it.

    Moderator edit: The following statement was removed as it's not allowed to ask for that sort of thing.
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    agree to this. i also encounter this kind of situation haha


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      it could be done this way or just take screen shot and mail it to GM to mute them for a while


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        don't be selfish and egotistical. just boot them. problems solved. to not boot them is just as petty as getting upset about petty arguements. your the leadership right? do something. why beg for someone else to do what you WON'T out of selfishness?

        not trolling. welcome to reality. to be a leader is not just about numbers.. its about following through with your own rules and threats, as well as taking care of issues YOUR members have.


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          humm that make sense *_*


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            just kick them out of guild. they're free to argue in pm or world chat. what does guild rank gives you? beter keep your guild free spam and flame than have high rank guild.


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              Personally I hate guild rankings in any game that has them and this is why. Every top guild, and I mean EVERY top guild, is more concerned about rank/power than activity or cohesiveness in their guild. It becomes a number game. That's why I never care about my guild's rank when I'm a guild leader. Couldn't care less. I would rather have a close knit group that was small then a large guild that had their own groups inside of the guild. What does that help? Nothing really. Guilds are teams, not groups of players. In the OP's position I would have booted them immediately and farmed em later. Problem solved. You don't need players like that in your guild.

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