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  • Returned King

    In the Returned King...when a player returns to a server there is now a Returned King type event. Part of this is a 50% discount on the first wedding upon return. I would like to know how to do this as I plan on getting married during this time frame, but do not know how to purchase the package using the 50% discount as it states I can. Please advise me on this so I can get married in the next 2 days please. We put the engagement on server tonite and the whole server showed up at wedding hall..almost like a "shot gun" wedding. Wanting to make sure we would get married.

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    lol lemme in
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      Hello spincycle,

      Can you please link where you heard about this event (or PM one of us)? As we're unable to find information on it anywhere in regards to any current events. The last return event was last year (similar to this one), but that didn't include any half price wedding. Any other return event, gives guild members of the returning player a box of bound balen (50-500), but nothing to the returning hero.
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        it pops up in game in a box when you come back. so. well. kinda hard to make a ss on it. Well unless (like we all should as it seems) you take a pic on anything you do on game :P
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          Here is the ss u requested. It pops up on the page in your city when u return to the server.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Returned King  wedding  discount  ss  for forum  6 - 7 - 2015.jpg
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            No reply yet? I really would like to know how to purchase the discount wedding so we can get married. Please do check into this before the time expires. the server is anxious for this wedding and so are the groom and I. thanks


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              Have you tried just buying it with half the required balens in acct?


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                Sorry for the delayed reply. We can't find any conclusive information anywhere about the event, (and I've been unable to duplicate it to check for you). Thank you for the screenshot. I'd recommend attempting to purchase the wedding. Take lots of screenshots in case anything goes wrong, and a ticket is needed. Have a happy couplesome :P Would love any updates once everything is done *puppy dog eyes*
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                  Did what you suggested...did not work...went for next lvl down wedding and even had to purchase more balens...had enough to cover that wedding with the existing balens we had. Had 2x's the amount of balens that wedding cost. Not a very happy camper at all. Will be sending a ticket and really wanting to know how this happened.
                  The reason you can not duplicate it have to have played on the server and left it. some time later gone back to play on it again. Not sure how long after you have been away does R2 consider you a Returning King or Returning Hero, but that is how it works. So unless you have that opportunity to do can not duplicate it so you can see it. Thus you have the screen shot to look at. Also..I said it was an event..not a Hot Event. Not all events are listed in hot events as you can see from the ss it is on the top left of the page.