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Guild battle potential issue

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  • Guild battle potential issue

    So my guild is facing the number 3 guild on our server and we are number 1 tonight (2 in strength). Rumors are floating around that some of the top players in the number 1 guild strengthwise are joining the guild we are facing tonight just so they can beat us as they our close with the guild master or something. If this does happen it would be a dirty tactic and they should place limits so this isn't possible, such as making it so you get locked out to one guild per tournament. Anyone else been experiencing issues like this on their servers?

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    yeah well as far as i know there isnt yet any restrictions on recruiting help

    could make the participants locked from the first battle in the first round until the end, cant add or remove anyone from the battle line up but then some could still cheat by not fighting for their guild master, sabotaging him in any round they want

    so in the end its best to fight fire with fire in this case & recruit help yourself.. let the battle be a spectacular event!


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      thats a reaallyy good tactic n great problem too. ^^
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        so, its like hiring mercenaries to help your battle?
        i feel sorry for guildmates that replaced by those mercenaries.