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  • [Metrics] Wartune Download Transfer

    I want to first thank those who helped me to get Puffin on my ZTE-Android in working condition. It works like a charm and I am somewhat happy (still learning around it) that I can take my gaming on the road without lugging my laptop around. However, I would suggest those who want to play the game via that route to get a wi-fi connection as the following con I have with utilizing such:
    • It eats up data really fast.
    I have a prepaid plan where I can buy 100 MB slots of data (since I used it mostly for facebook and checking up on the forums remotely along with other things) when needed (and I don't use much to be honest). I've decided to give Wartune a whirl at a place I didn't want to be but had no choice since I was the one that had to do the driving. Since no wi-fi was available, I was stuck in using the data portion of my device, so goes in the Puffin and onto Wartune. I thought to myself, "well, I can now make it into guild tree, beast, and then altar since I miss those events when I am on the road". I laughed as I only lasted 2 minutes once I logged in (and after turn off the sound/music since running Puffin would reset the cache) and entered the guild tree event (I got the message from my carrier that told me that I had used up my data; haha, I just loaded it for using on this).

    So, I was contemplating on how data can go so fast on a game that is supposed to be a flash game in the first place to be played by all. If I were to do the math, the download stream would be at 50 MB per minute coming from R2's servers. Most mobile games I played are longer lasting than what I had done for Wartune. In fact, Youtube lasts for about 10 minutes if I played a video via a fresh data load with no wi-fi available (on a test, not an every day thing).

    So, I wonder, what is being pushed out to the players that accessed the game from their computers at that rate? Could it contribute to the lag we get often at times? The average data speed is around 3-5 MB/s worldwide on a download stream via the internet provider (some are lower and some are higher). I've read some posts in the past few years (yeah, I have been a member for a long time, folks) that some were even suggested that they should not run any streaming service type of programs while playing the game; and I even went up to bat with them in asking why if I was on a 30 MB/s connection. I can play other games while streaming youtube or even watching a few movies or chatting up a storm with friends (that's why I got the connection). I now have 60 MB/s so I should have done more from my terminal instead of having to wait like I had done in the past (oh dial up, how I missed thee..... NOT).

    Perhaps the developers need to check their coding and remove elements that would cause lag like, I don't know, the swirlies perhaps, or the background moving image only can be found when a player goes into full screen (that flaming steaming bit) but is lurking in windowed mode somewhere; or the various reporting elements that one should be sufficient (not 4-6k embedded onto .sol files when I did a SpyBot S/D scan each week; like really, who needs THAT many?); or maybe that Javascript anomaly that I kept hearing about that grab analytics in real time rather in fragment of times.

    I don't know, but 50 MB/s worth of data being pushed out all at once is kind of a red flag for me, especially on a game.
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    I will try to use puffin under mobile connection tomorrow and I'll check what happens with my data. Hopefully I will be able to play for at least 1 hour with 1.5 gb. I also hope you get an answer from the mods. xD