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GM why always create a new server in the near future????

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  • GM why always create a new server in the near future????

    GM please tell me why always create a new server within a few weeks while I played in server and the other has not yet reached the highest level there is a new server when I want to achieve the highest level but there is always a new server that makes me less happy because I have to follow where the server is busy to play exciting new server?? means all players will automatically move to the server yha I would not want to move to a new server,

    This is only my opinion from a fan of cristal game saga in my opinion this game is very interesting and impressive, but one drawback with a little map and monsters that we are opposed to always the same shape, although with a different name, maybe GM can update again monsters "that we are opposed to such other games such as seal online game is a lot of folders and a wide variety of different monsters and it makes the spirit of most other players to play games and become the strongest and most powerful in order to conquer the monster "is. and multiply the event as it is now "this is it makes the game a fun and interesting.

    for GM I apologize if my words there is nothing wrong this is just my opinion.

    GM please invent another event to get an egg baby angel and demon baby that might be interesting enough ehehehehehehehehe

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    I think they will be merged someday....


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      if combined it impossible for each server with the same player it must have been saturating.....


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        only one reason, make more money!!!


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          Step 1 Create Server
          Step 2
          Step 3 Profit!


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            So confused... is this a complaint thread about new servers on Wartunes or a suggestion thread about mobs and eggs for Crystal Saga?
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              The dedicated no time in rl people stay in the original server they pick most of the time.
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