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  • stupid Devs

    what makes you think you can do this. you are so far out of the legal limit for USA its dumb. not sure how things work where your from but here if you say its a price and take the money you cant change your mind cuz your gready now you will pay back some of your greed. it was up for 16 hours that the price was 300$ and 24 min after the event posted you made a new post to try to cover it up well too late. many have screen shots and your not getting away with this one. ive spoken with my lawyers and your outside the legal limits. also you have no contact infromation like phone numbers or physical locations and as a "legit" business you have to answer for yourselves. dont think because u ignore it we will go away which many will. but you cost my guild alone over 2000$ and i wont stop till were all refunded or get what you agreed to. your rewards are a click of a button and ur greedy to give us stuff thats free to you hmm DUMB MUCH
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    You already have a thread in which you can voice your opinion in. This is obviously based off the same topic, so making multiple posts will only result in deletion, merging or locking of threads.
    So, state your opinions in the thread you previously made and refrain from creating more.

    Have a good day.
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