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group arena, battle grounds and world boss, change the times

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  • group arena, battle grounds and world boss, change the times

    Why is it that you have world boss fight on with battlegrounds at same time,
    Then you have battlegrounds same time with group arena.

    So it is just stupid that after my world boss fight, i need to rush to bg which is almost finished cause you have them both starting at the same time,
    and then when im doing arena and battle grounds comes on, arena goes empty with no one to fight because players have left and joined bg.

    Get your heads screwed on right and fix this stupid time difference that interfere with other events, space them out insted of bunching them
    up all together, really.

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    Then online on the right time.
    It's not like bg only starting only at arena and bg. And please tell me you're not whinning oh how tank trial clash with BG too.
    We had... umh... what? 8 bg in 1 day. So 3 bg clash won;t be a problem, ne? We you still had 5 other bg and only 2 attempt - the other 3 will be free for farming honor.
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