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Shared: Inventory Unlock Price topic from Kongregate

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  • Shared: Inventory Unlock Price topic from Kongregate

    I've originally posted this topic on this place:
    Here I just want to share it with you guys, because I know it'll be useful (also for the mods from this forum)

    So here it goes:

    At first, this topic is meant as a reply from an old topic:
    The reason I've started a new topic is because it would make it easier to read since the old topic was already messy...
    In this topic I want to point out a few things, the reason why it took me so long to reply is because I didn't had the time to reply at first (actually, I was lazy), but right now I cannot stand it anymroe after trying to make a new character to play with.

    Paragraph 1:
    Alright, the first point I want to talk about is about a quote from Greenfireflygirl on that topic (sorry Green, it's not an offend, just trying to reason with facts):
    Originally posted by Greenfireflygirl
    There is currently no plans to change the prices of inventory page unlocks.
    1): Ok, there are no plans to change prices... then *MAKE* plans, preferably on the same picosecond after reading this topic.
    2): This might be an issue/excuse/problem that R2 want you to point out (quote from an early topic about 3x3 and 3x2 formation):
    Originally posted by Greenfireflygirl
    I’ll ask as high up as I can for you, but you need to realize that we are also not the only platform in the north american market with a contract for this game, so if we ask for something that the other platform does not want, it will not be allowed. Imagine if R2 servers had the ability to go back to 3×3, yet other platforms didn’t and we played against them in cross server arena… we’d clearly be at an advantage.
    Well the answer/comment/fact I want to point out is the following:
    Since there are Cross-Server it basically means thay all those companies got a kind of cooperation (else their Cross-Server will only be servers within the same company I suppose). In case there is a cooperation/conspiracy you guys should all be agree'ing the same kind of things such as 3x3 being unfair if it's not applied to all servers. Here is what you guys should do: Just MAKE a plan if there is no plan, PLAN a meeting to discuss about changing and actually CHANGE it.

    Paragraph 2:
    Read the following part if you want to see the arguments that support my points as actual facts based on the reality and empirical numbers, else skip it (saves alot of reading time):
    I did not ask or doubt if anyone would like to keep the inventory unlock price of 950 balens because I KNOW no one likes it (apart from players who unlocked all, sounds fair). Another thing about the returning 3x3 formation idea I did not think about any hater because on the same topic I pasted Green's 2nd quote there's a poll where over 95% of all players hate 3x2 formation. The topic is here for anyone who thinks I'm joking:

    So the argument that support me saying that R2 and the other companies all *Just* got to make the changes is because of the poll. True, the poll only defines R2-wartune players, but all players are human, 95%+ of the humans (as the poll described) want the old formation back, 95%+ of the humans would also want more fair prices of inventory unlock (Wartune Mods/Devs/Vets/etc. once mentioned 1 bound balens = 20 vouchers). So the fair inventory unlock price should be 950 vouchers / 20 = 47,5 bound balens = 48 bound balens round up because wartune companies love $$, all sounds fair... it's not me who imagined 20 vouchers = 1 bound balens after all...

    Paragraph 3:
    The following fact will point out that changing the inventory price will also be an advantage or recover to those companies' original worthy:
    So what would be the reason that all the wartune companies might consider to decrease the prices? The reason is *greed*, yes it's not a mistake... the greediness of grinding money is the most important reason that they should low the inventory prices. The reason is simple: When a semi casher (like me) plays this game he/she would guarantee not cash 950 for each row of inventory. In my case you guys are lucky that I've unlocked 2 pages of inventory so I kept playing this game + VIP, if I had only 1 inventory page then sorry... but I would've stopped. Ok... there are players who cash like 1000$ a month, compared to them my little VIP indeed doesn't affect ur monthly income, however... the future wartune players do. Technicially if every single heavy casher keeps cashing the same amount per month you guys are good to go, but unfortunately I know that you guys wouldn't think to have earned enough (also the main reason you guys keep trying to find ways milking our money). So you wartune companies would like to have new players, more players, more cashers and all those things, when a new player (a future *little* casher) plays this game I/we know that it'll be hard to keep him playing if he's running out of inventory. *Heavy cashers do sacrifice 10 dollars per inventory row, little cashers do not.*

    The final conclusion is: From Heavy cashers who cash 1K$ per month those 950 balens inventory unlock won't even make any difference of what they already pay, neither for them or you wartune companies. However, the new wartune players and/or future little cashers do make a difference, there are *more* little cashers in wartune than heavy cashers. One little casher does not make a big deal, but 1K little cashers do, let alone that all the wartune servers from all the wartune companies togethe make over *millions* of little cashers. If every single *little* casher only cashes 1 dollar per month you guys will already earn 1 *million* dollars per month, imagine what happen if they cash 20 dollars per month... imagine what happens if more little cashers come up... About the devs of this forum: You guys should tell your Boss about this topic, if ur company gains more money so will you guys get money raise!!

    Epilogue: Apologies to the Wartune companies:
    A couple of mins ago I’ve spoken with an R2Vet, after reading this topic he said that it sounds good, so he sent it to the game masters.
    Shown at this screenshot:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2s00k1j.jpg
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ID:	1748947
    Since this topic might be read by them I’ve thought it may be a nice idea to keep this topic a bit formal and readable, my apologies if the text feels like an offend to the companies. While reading this topic it’s important to take the crucial points from the context and all the indications that supports the points, however it’s also an art of interpreting.
    After all, even our players could be greedy in some ways. Many of us want changes to happen, but no one wants to spend real time to write a good articulated story for longer than 30 mins effort. People always keep saying that the customer is the Boss, but when it comes to massive boycott (unfortunately) no one including myself of course will participate… it’s an unchange-able fact. On the other side as paragraph 3 explained, most people won’t pay 950 balens per inventory row, however little cashers will pay it if the price was lower… which is an unchange-able fact as well.

    As soon as you tie both facts you’ll notice that probably over 60% of the little cashers will be giving an extra for the inventory, if the 2 previous facts are true, then this might also be true, specially for new players. Inside the business it’s always the art of earning as much money as possible to keep a company or companies running, so I hope that this topic will also be one way…

    28/04/2014 UTC+01:00 14:22: Paragraph 3: explaining how and why the wartune companies should decrease the inventory prices with fully calculated their estimated advantage in earning money!!
    28/04/2014 UTC+01:00 16:13: Added an epilogue making this a more acceptable story for the game-masters (if they read this)
    28/04/2014 UTC+01:00 16:50: Added a screenshot proving that R2Vet sent it to the game masters (bosses)
    Last edited by CreaterHellfire; 04-28-2014, 09:59 AM. Reason: The original topic from kongregate was edited as well

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    already have max inventory all 3 pages open from vouchers


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      Has been a while my dear R2 xD
      Won't you guys save up some hosting space if this whole suggestion forum didn't exist?
      After all it's not been used efficiently, not at all... is it not better save even more money then?
      Lesser space this forum requires the lesser the monthly price to pay for the host you guys have been using, nice money making right?


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        there few heavy cashers in this game thats spend more han 1000$ so if their money was overtaken by simple introduction , they feel their money has gone to waste thus leading hem to leave the game , and it will be unfair to the them coz theey paid money for unlocking and others didnt , their cash will be milked for no reason then .

        PS r2 wouldnt stil try to milk cash if they dont see 1000$ as an income from a player , they still want more , 1000$ is not even worth an income from a player according to them