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Astrals for lvl 60

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  • Astrals for lvl 60

    Before this update, i'm already planning to add block astral for my new astral slot in lvl 60.
    but now there's penetration astral that ignores block, so i'm not sure if i should put block. but i definitely won't make a critical build since my luck is terrible that even with 5k+ crit ( high enough with my BR only 90k, lvl 59 that time ) i didn't crit much even vs monsters ( MPD, wild, etc ).
    so any suggestion on which astral should i choose between guardian angel / illusion / deflection? or is block still good even when vs penetration astral?
    thx a lot.

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    I'd say Deflection/Regeneration astrals are the best but still block wont be a bad idea to test out in the new patch and see where it goes.. u wont expect all the knights to abandon their build just cus of an astral.. :P
    Name: Executioner
    Class: Critical Knight
    Sylph: Hercules **
    Server: S42 (Kabam)
    Currently Battle Rate: 251K
    Guild: Paradox


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      haha ok, thx for the suggestion sir.