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    I saw several forum discussing this. Is this already confirmed? Where can we see that this is true? S1 that has implemented the patch? And is the skill description (passive) stating 3k max instead 4%? Or, all of this still rumours? Just want to make sure before I swapping all blocks stats (if this is confirmed to be true).
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    It's 4%, but capped at 3k. So all above 75k ish hp, heal the same = 3k. If below that, then you heal as always, 4% of your max hp...
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      im at 190k hp... i noticed in pve the heal still give me same, but not in pvp (almost none, or i cant feel the heal)


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        are you on one of the servers that got the patch already? with 190k hp it should always be 3k heals. unless they made the cap for pvp only, which would be a great solution imo (so its very unlikely that the developers thought of it ^^...)