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  • Month*End*Top-up*Rebate

    From Jun 24 to Jun 30 (Game Time, GMT-4), players who top-up to a certain amount, can get extra rewards.

    Rewards list:
    $0.1: Enhancing Stone *50k, Gold Coins *100k
    $20: Orange Gear Shard *20, Adv Star up Stone *2
    $50: Pet Skill Book *500, Star up Stone *50, Treasure Hunt Badge *1000
    $100: Diamonds *1000, Refine Stone *100, Adv Awakening Orb *5, Arabasta Poneglyph C *1
    $200: Diamonds *1500, Obsidium Stone *1000, Lv4 Element Gear Chest *1, Arabasta Poneglyph B *1
    $300: Diamonds *2000, Refine Stone *100, Obsidium Stone *1000, Token Exclusive Keepsake *1, Arabasta Poneglyph A *1
    $400: Diamonds *3000, Obsidium Stone *2000, Refine Stone *200, Stage Exclusive Keepsake *1, Arabasta Poneglyph S *1

    How to Join:
    During the event time, Top-up and send tickets to us with your in-game name, server, and total top-up amount. Rewards will be sent to your in-game mail after the event ends.

    P.S.: Rewards are accumulated. For example, if you top-up $400 in total, you will get all rewards in list.
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