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Acient forest luck drop

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  • Acient forest luck drop

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    Can someone explain how the lucky drop works read what it says doesnt make sence

    1: turned vip9 got 1 luck drop and used

    2: now do i have to wait 5 days to get anotherone?

    3: its been over 10+ days and still not activated

    4: someone explain to me how to gain lucky stars as ive killed loads of bosses where it says to but not 1 lucky star

    is the system broken? or do i have to be patient for 5+ years till lucky drop activates?

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    Starting at VIP9, you have a chance for lucky drops. Every VIP level over VIP9 gives you +1 to the chance for a lucky drop.
    If you get a lucky drop from a boss in Mars Ruins or Demon Expedition, there's a 5 day cooldown before you can get another one. There is a limit of 2 lucky drops per boss. If you've gotten 2, you won't get any more.
    It is entirely chance based, if you haven't reached the limit of 2 yet.
    We don't know where lucky stars come from yet.
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