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    r2 seems to lack the ability to have a way to delete payment info. My r2 account was hacked into and unauthorized payments have been taken out. How do I delete my payment info from my r2 account?

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    R2 has forwarded your request on to the processor and is waiting for them to remove your information. You opt into having Xsolla save your billing info when you make a purchase and leave the 'save billing details' box checked for convenience during the checkout process. I do not recommend checking that box because it is saved by the payment processor, and anyone with access to your account does get access to your saved payment methods. You will need to talk to your bank about recovering those funds. As I mentioned on Discord, you should be able to use the emails from support as your evidence of having attempted to go through the merchant first.

    To uncheck that box and remove your information on your own, go to the Store page and pick a game. Then, pick any dollar amount value and proceed to the payment selection screen. Select the Xsolla 500+ option, as it is the simplest to navigate. On the Xsolla payment method selection screen, there's a small 'user' icon in the upper right corner. Click on that and select My Payment Accounts. In that window, you can remove any saved payment accounts.

    If you do not see any saved payment accounts on this screen, let me know and I'll dig up Xsolla's customer service email so you can reach out to them directly.
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