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[Update] Firestone Version 4.0.6

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  • [Update] Firestone Version 4.0.6

    What's New:

    * New Hero: New Hero Iseris has been added in the game. You can unlock her after Danysa.

    * Map: Added more ranks on the map mechanism.

    * Qol:
    • Private message conversations are now sorted by the time of the last message.
    • You can now see which players from your guild are online. In the guild chat the counter displays how many players from the guild are online.
    • Added notification in the battle screen for the chat private messages.
    • Changed the color of the text in the buffs to white and also added a small gray transparent area behind it for better readability.
    * Bug Fix: Fixed the bug that if you opened the chat, even if you closed it the hotkeys were disabled. Now hotkeys are disabled only when the chat input field is focused.

    We want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter!

    Play game:



    Click image for larger version

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    R2 community Discord:

  • #2
    after "Get ready for the most epic battle 90%" not loaded. what's the matter?


    • #3
      After clicking on the "guild", game disconnects.


      • #4
        Originally posted by daichiryuzaki View Post
        After clicking on the "guild", game disconnects.
        I am also having the same issue


        • #5
          "Diese Mechanik ist derzeit nicht verf├╝gbar." - Chat und Gilde geht seit 2 Tagen nicht richtig.


          • #6
            Loading screen stuck at 90% even after clearing cookies


            • #7
              Same, stuck at 90% loading, can't play anymore. Anyone figure this out yet?


              • #8
                same problem now, think r2 dead, no one will answer out questions, i feel lucky i do not put any money on it


                • #9
                  mine gets stuck on 90%,passes it them begins zooming in on the top left corner.and the game refuses to load afterwards no matter how many times i shut down,reload,sign back in,or clear cookies.and i really want to see my guildmates again! PLEASE HELP ME!