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Version 5.3.0

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  • [Maintenance Notice] Version 5.3.0

    What’s New:

    The Arena of Kings mechanism has been released. You can now engage into pvp battles with your war machines.
    The training base mechanism has been released. You can create up to 3 war machine squads and experiment until you find the best setup to use in the arena.
    Christmas decorations have been added, the christmas event will run until the 10th of January.

    The player inspect popup will show the arena power on the war machines instead of the battle power.
    On the engineer you can see both Arena and Battle power.
    On the select crew popup you can toggle between arena attributes and battle attributes.
    The map missions popup on the world map has been merged with the information popup.
    Several progress bars in the game have been redesigned.
    On the statistics page you can now see the whole number on the statistics that do not have ridiculously high numbers.
    The battle cry will now be shown as a full number even after it reaches 1 million.

    Several small bugs that you reported.

    R2 community Discord: