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  • [Announcement] About Dragon Awaken H5

    Dear players,

    We have received many complains and reports about the migration of Dragon Awaken to H5 and the disabling of flash features. Here is a short explanation of the current situation and our plans for the future.

    Unfortunately, Flash is no longer usable and its architecture is very outdated. We have been forced to migrate the game to H5 as soon as possible, thankfully this has enabled us to fix some bugs that we were unable to find on the Flash version. We are talking about 2.1kkk bugs that affected DMG, rankings, and now BR. Sadly, if we want to keep fixing issues and offer the best game experience the Flash version is no longer an option. Therefore, the flash version had to be disabled.

    Last Tuesday we found some problems during the uploading of the 2.1kkk fix, we are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you. It should be solved by the end of this week.

    Most of the bugs the players are experiencing right now are related to UI due to the differences between Flash and H5. We are fixing them, last week a few of them were fixed and we’ll keep working on the rest. We will announce the bugs that will be fixed in the future.

    Currently, the team is busy fixing bugs and developing a new system as well as a new dungeon.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Dragon Awaken Team
    R2 community Discord:

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    pls let us know when is all sorted


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      have access to all games at R2 except dragon awaken it opens but all i get is this (
      "message":"signature repeat.","code":-3** ) any idea??