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Dragon Awaken Maintenance 11/25 @ 10:30 (GMT+8)

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  • [Maintenance Notice] Dragon Awaken Maintenance 11/25 @ 10:30 (GMT+8)

    Time: 11/25/2022 10:30 p.m (GMT+8)
    Duration: Hotfix
    Affected Server(s): All servers

    Fixed the following issues:
    1. Fixed the issue where item details were not shown on hover in On Sale.
    2. Fixed the BR display error when viewing a player's info.
    3. Fixed the purchase status error affecting Glory Expedition - Blessing.
    4. Fixed the Stamina refresh issue in Land.
    5. Fixed the resource issue affecting some of the Wings
    6. Fixed the Relic equipping error after a re-login.
    7. Fixed the issue where players could not close the location in Multi-Dungeon.
    8. Adjusted the font size in the chat box.
    9. The "Go" button missing in the quest bar - Catacombs.
    R2 community Discord: