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  • Multiple accounts

    I started playing GOT on the browser a couple weeks ago, and tried moving over to steam to use however, when I started up the game on steam, it was a new account and there is no way to log out. So I just gave up and uninstalled from steam, I just now went to download the GTarcade and the same thing happened, I typed in my account info, and a new game was created... I now have 3 accounts all under 1 email somehow just trying to use steam and app. When I went to my original account to try and "link e-mail" it says this event is not happening. Please explain how I now have 3 accounts from typing in the login of 1, and how do I make sure you don't delete my account that I have spent couple hundred on? Please help

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    Accounts cannot be used cross-platform. R2Games is a separate platform from GTArcade. GoTWiC on Steam is GTArcade's. Your R2Games account can only be accessed through the R2Games website.

    I think because you need a separate account for Steam and for GTArcade that you can't have the account be cross-platform there either, but you'd have to talk to GTArcade about that. I'm pretty sure you just have 3 separate accounts on 3 separate platforms now, and you'll have to log into each directly to access them. None of them will be deleted by the other, because none of the accounts have anything to do with the other account.
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