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  • "Request to join alliance"

    Does anyone have problem to join alliance in another kingdom ?
    Its keep saying "This player is on different server" (no matter if i request join or i get invited, message is same)
    I know this is working and can be done coz a lot of ppl is on one server but his alliance is on another ... and couple of us already joined alliance on another kingdom even we are on other kingdom than that alliance is... but on some acc we got that message !? Is there any reason for that ? Thank you !

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    If a castle is under level 25, it cannot join an alliance on another kingdom.

    The only workaround for this is for the leader to make someone who is in the alliance and on the same kingdom as the player the leader, transfer the alliance to that kingdom, have the player join, and then send lead back to the original leader. That does require some trust, however.
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