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[FAQ] Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Payment Issue

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  • [FAQ] Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Payment Issue

    • Can I get a refund after buying a pack
    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming's packs cannot be refunded once purchased. If you have extenuating circumstances regarding your pack purchase, please contact customer service immediately.
    • I did not receive a pack I purchased. What should I do
    There are various causes for this type of problem, e.g. connection issues, delayed payment platform data, etc. If you encounter this type of problem, please try the following solutions:
    1. Wait for a little while.
    2. Clear your game process and restart the game.
    3. Contact customer service to confirm the pack's purchase status.
    • My Black Diamonds are displaying incorrectly. What should I do
    1. Clear your game process and restart the game.
    2. Contact customer service.
    • The pack I want to buy is unavailable. What should I do
    The update time for packs is refreshed in hours. You can closely follow the Shop's daily status. There will come a day when your favorite appears in the Shop. Not only that, but you can also buy discounted packs right when they first become available!

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    I still feel that the last season was a big dissapointment.


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      Yeah, the last two seasons were poor. It was the best show ever, but nothing good happened in the previous two seasons. The show was still being watched because of the hype around it, but the quality was lacking.
      At least the game was coo, I enjoyed playing it, and I had no payment problems because of the online gaming payment gateway I use. I have been using Maxpay for a long time now, and it's better than anything I've used before.
      You should try it out, and I am sure that your payment problems will be over. I hope that the next GOT-based TV shows will be as good as the first five GOT seasons.
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