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[Guide] Equipment Inheritance

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  • [Guide] Equipment Inheritance

    1. Inheritance can only happen between the same type of equipment and for the same class.
    2. The Level and Quality of the Equipment that will Inherit can’t be worse than the Original Equipment’s.
      • For example, a player has a Level 60 Rare Equipment. If he wants to Inherit the Stats to the new Equipment, new Equipment’s Level shouldn’t below Level 60. And its Quality shouldn’t be below Rare.
    3. Compare the Enchantment Level, Attribution Enchantment, Quality Stats and Element Stats between the Original Equipment and the Target Equipment. Select the ones with higher Battle Rating among the Stats.
    4. When Inheriting, the original Equipment’s Level and Quality will remain.
    5. After the inheritance the system will pick the one with higher Enchantment Level.
    6. After the inheritance, the system will pick the one with the higher Attribution Enchantment points.
    7. It will keep the Quality stats that provide more Battle Rating.
    8. It will keep the Element stats that provide more Battle Rating while keeping the Element type.
    9. If inheritance is successful, the Secondary Equipment will disappear.

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