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Maximium Troops

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  • Maximium Troops

    The maximum troop limit has disappeared. Only shows current amount of troops.

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    Can I get a screenshot of what screen you are seeing this on, please?
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      Never mind. I figured out why it no longer shows the maximum allowable troops. The changes to the Recruitment Camp allow for continuous troop production, so there is no longer a cap.


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        Don't understand the reason or logic behind this change to the Recruitment Fort. So if there is no longer a limit to the maximum capacity of troops based on the Recruitment Fort level, like it was previously before the new update and now there is unlimited capacity, then what is the purpose now of leveling up the Recruitment Fort, aside from the increase in war power? So a level 1 Recruitment Fort has the same capacity as a level 12 Recruitment Fort? Don't know if that is correct but if it's true it does not make any sense at all...