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[Beginner] Divine Altars

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  • [Beginner] Divine Altars

    [Beginner]Divine Altars

    The Divine Altar is a place where all members can defend their Guild from the invaders. There will be a special rewards if the players can defeat all the invaders in time. Divine Altar will be opened when the Guild reaches level 5.
    The Altar can only be opened by the Guild Leader. It can only be opened once a day in each Guild, and the event will be open for 20 minutes.

    1. There are two modes: Normal and Elite. Players will receive better rewards in higher difficulties.
    2. When the Divine Altar is opened, all Guild members will receive a notification. Click on it or access through your Guild’s interface.
    3. Players will have one minute to get ready for the battle.
    4. Enemies will appear from different spots in the map and will try to destroy the Divine Altar.
    5. Sometimes, an Elite enemy will appear to make the battle more interesting. They are stronger and faster than normal enemies, but their rewards are also better.
    6. The Divine Altar has 100 HP. When enemies get close enough to the Altar they will attack and deduct the Altar’s HP. If the HP of the Altar reaches 0 the event will end.
    7. You will battle alone with the enemies. Normal enemies will attack you when near, to battle Elite monsters you will have to click on them. If the player dies in the event there will be a one minute cooldown and then it will revive.
    8. After defeating a wave of monsters another will appear. The next wave will be stronger than the previous one.
    9. Players can use their Contribution to buy a Buff for the battle.
    10. Once it’s over, players will return to the main interface.

    1. Defeat enemies to obtain EXP. There is a chance to obtain rare resources like Soul Crystal, Shadow Crystal, Mount Training Whip and Skeleton Key. They will be sent to your bag.
    2. All member who participated in the battle will receive a reward by mail.
    3. The Top 3 players who dealt more damage to the enemies will receive some rewards like Altar Heroes Pack, the Altar Warriors Pack and the Altar Defenders Pack. They will be sent by mail.