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    If I know you via ingame or forums and have a skype, and would like to chill out in a group call or chat, feel free to mail me via forums with skype ID and i'll be sure to add ya since it seems my posts "randomly" disappear ^^
    'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~

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    lol sorry i dont know you, but i have to /but want to say lol thanks for reminding me about that song XD
    "with our thoughts we make the world"no matter how gifted you are you alone cannot change the world"

    (S6)kaguyakage, random weak hybrid priest thingy, Windshear Peaks, (was proud member in the guild DISORDER)

    broken realm- Duzell - female/mage .. more to come

    wartune - suzakuhanbei-female/mage

    Lunaria story - Darzell-male mage- lv 40 ( omw up )

    "I may not look like a warrior, but I make up for it, somehow."