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editing existing signature - error 403?

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  • editing existing signature - error 403?

    I joined in 2014... noticed my sig is way out of date - just tried to update and kept getting error 403 - could not even save the existing one over itself... - if I delete completely and hit save it tells me I have no permissions as I have been logged out?? But I am not logged out - opening new tabs and or refreshing shows I am still logged in...

    what is going on with sigs on the forum atm?
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    Yep. I feel you. If you try enough times, eventually it will work. I think it took me a week to get mine to change.

    For the past 8 months, we've been battling bug after bug with the forum. Being a mod these days is mostly an exercise in extreme patience, as all of our tools produce errors, in addition to all of the errors you get that we also get. The forum version needs to be updated, but because the IT department did some backend customization to make the forum work with the R2 platform, they can't just download and install the update. However, the backend customization is more like taking duct tape and a hammer to something that shouldn't fit, and forcing it in, so I don't know if they even know what steps they took the last time in order to replicate it for the next time.

    What I do know is that because forum traffic is very low, they don't think it's worth spending the time and money to update it. I happen to know many people can't log into the forum, that bugs have driven many away, and that most of the vBulletin patches fix most of our problems, but they look only at the current metrics, which show there's very little forum participation right now.

    This forum has always been the community coming together to post guides, answer questions, comment about the games, and have a place to hang out with people from other servers and share, and mods who come from the community helping to bridge the communication gap between players and staff. It would take the community to come back and battle through the bugs to bring the forum back to life enough for R2 to see that we consider the forum to be an essential part of our gaming experience, and then they would update it. I just don't know if enough of the community cares much about the forum anymore.
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