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    Please take a moment and PRAY for our FELLOW VIDALIANS living in PHILIPPINES! (-/\-) ,for our friends and their families and everyone else SAFETY,PROTECTION ,WISDOM AND COURAGE particularly living down town MANILA , MARIKINA PHILLIPINES and near provinces .
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    Hope the rain will stop.
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    what happened actually? i have a pinoy friend who havent been online for 2 days, im getting worried here.


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      Just a low-pressure area.
      Though it's not classified as a typhoon (what tropical countries or some countries in the east call it, I guess over there it's called monsoon), it's bringing a LOT of rain.

      It's flooding here, and may homes are drowning with flood water.

      There are some parts of the country that has higher grounds, but the capital of the Philippines and the area surrounding the capital unfortunately is lower than sea level (not to mention the drains are clogged with garbage).

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        geting worried now >,<
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          Ugghhh!!!! Im from the Philippines too.....Stupid Habagat....feeling all mighty when it's not even a typhoon...

          I pray for my fellow Filipinos...
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            A Silent Prayer:

            Let us pray for our fellowman in the Philippines who are victims of the flood, our warmest gratitude and prayers to all who lost their loved one's in the big flood, may the lord bless u all and guide u to all the tragedies that u r facing I know that we can surpass this through prayers. God bless u all.


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              ...I was from the PH for 10 years and I know how it feels....Very hard rain and flood specially at areas below sea levels.I will be praying for my fellow Filipinos.
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