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A very merry R2 christmas

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  • A very merry R2 christmas

    Tis the night before Xmas

    Tis the night before Xmas and all thru the house
    lingered the smell of smoke fumes and the fire finally out
    Mod memorylane giggled, " that was such fun"
    R2 Stormaggedon grumbled" the eggs are now soggy and the water overdone"

    From behind R2 EDO, many eyes did appear
    Mod memorylane and her cooking, most of R2 did fear
    GM zeus roared with laughter, nay, I will handle this
    And from under his bed, did he pull a week old haggis

    R2 Summer and R2 Alice shook their heads, placing faces in hands
    Tis is meant to be christmas, a time for families and for clans
    For us to laugh and smile and share gifts and dine on a feast
    But now we have a turkey that looks like R2 normans feet

    R2 Abby carefully looked at the rice in the bowl
    Then quietly she went to find a shovel and dig a hole
    Mod Cafeaulait said at least we still have coffee
    she looked at the melted coffee pot and decided to have tea

    Mod kitwritten smiled, seeing the need for xmas cheer
    Tho everybody looked for the tornado as his singing filled the air
    Mod chronus did cheer as Mod orlene stood to say
    Get pizza and get KFC, give the bill to R2 to pay

    Suddenly from nowhere a crash at the door
    There appeared 10k players covering the floor
    Never fear, dear staffies, we love you all and we care
    we bring you gifts and drinks and fine dining fare..

    Csm Pat grinned, " that is my players, of them I am so fond"
    For when I drunk too much eggnogg, they laid me out on the lawn
    Mod shadow doubled up with laughter, happy with glee
    Til damp and wetness covered his pants, glad it was not me

    From outside the house, came the sound of a angelic choir
    As many voices rang out, distracting people from the r2 kitchen fire
    SGM aphrodite and SGM athena led the carolers in song
    and nay a word was spoken about how all the choruses were wrong

    * Jingle bells, what the hell, there was flames coming from the roof
    The windows broke, there was lots of smoke and firetrucks in our way... hey
    Jingle bells, don't have a cow, SGM Ares will get us all fed
    it will be such fun to see what he gets done, and without making such a mess ... hey *

    R2 HP arrived from the darkness, riding in a sled
    Pulled along by a Vet team, santa hats on their heads
    Go VetTerra, VetSerrin, VetScorp and VetEbb
    Onward, VetFlame, VetWolf, VetLyre and VetObby...

    From the back of the sled, came a almightly loud cry
    "Merry christmas to all R2 staff, from all the players and I "
    Standing proudly by santas sack, surrounded by Vet Elves
    Tis Santa himself, handing out gifts, " come help yourselves "

    SO to all a merry christmas, holidays and much fun
    Celebrate the last year with us and enjoy what we have done...
    Share with us, the events and updates of the new year..
    And ring the fire dept again because you care......

    Merry Christmas from the R2 staff, mods and vets to all our players....
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    "Stormeggadon" Haha, Merry Christmas guy's.
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      Merry Christmas.. still picturing Mem burning water....
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        I wish it wasn't a true story there, lol. :P
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          lol Merry Christmas! <3


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            Lmfao merry christmas


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              Hahah cute o-o,
              I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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                problem in cross server

                plz i need help here
                when i join to cross server i can not see people or anything else
                just a map and a numbers


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                  Originally posted by R254225509 View Post
                  plz i need help here
                  when i join to cross server i can not see people or anything else
                  just a map and a numbers
                  you need to post in the forum for which game you're playing in, so that you can get appropriate response, but my guess would be you need to clear the cache in your flash player, can do that part here: click delete all sites, then clear your browser cache and cookies, see if that helps, but for sure post in the game section you play in!


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	1403589991787.jpg
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ID:	1689803Click image for larger version

Name:	1403589996657.jpg
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Name:	1403590009784.jpg
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ID:	1689806HEllo R2 games i would like to ask my problem about problem after i buying some taels at monkey king online and gold at eternal saga using my kredit card . i have receive massenge succesfull buying at my phone history.but i dont have receive gold and taels after buying cracter name SHIELD at game monkey king online serve 27 ,and SHIELD at ETERNAL SAGA SERVE 40..HOPE R2games can fixed my problem ..i lost my money about this situation at 22,23,24/6/2014 . Plss [/QUOTE]


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                      You should make a ticket about this issue.
                      Help me out here!
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                      (It will be at the bottom left corner of my post!)