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cant morph to super angel

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  • cant morph to super angel

    Im trying many morph crystal and i have 9,8 stars and when can get super angel? Are bugg?

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    Not a bug, you must just be unlucky. I forget how many stars it took me, but it's likely you'll get it soon.
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      Almost there! Grats!
      I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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        I know 1 day i get but when so that is more unlucky


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          keep on trying <3 u are close :3 i got my sa and sd around 9 stars so dont give up
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            i got my super angel by 10.8 stars i think xD so just keep trying and you'll get one
            :S40emareld31: Server:S40Rinulka Peninsula level:90 Eidolon : Honor:Emperor: Hybrid Mage